Deprivation and cognitive dysfunction: CARDI research brief

  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland

10th October 2014, CARDI

Professor Helene McNulty, Dr Adrian McCann, Professor Adrian Moore and Dr Leane Hoey, all from the University of Ulster; Professor Anne Molloy, Trinity College Dublin; Dr Jan Rigby and the National Centre for GeoComputation team, NUI Maynooth.

People who live in disadvantaged areas have a greater risk of developing cognitive dysfunction than people in better off areas, a study by Professor Helene McNulty and colleagues at the University of Ulster has found. The findings of this study, funded by CARDI, are based on novel analysis of existing data collected for the TUDA Ageing north-south cohort study of over 5,000 older people in Ireland. 

Read the brief here: McNulty brief final web.pdf